We have created a sample pack of 10 of our custom blended soy candle scents so that you can try them and choose your new favorites. Each of the tea lights will burn 3+ hours. Our full line of scents have been specially mixed and balanced to create a clean smooth scent that fills the room without overwhelming you.  Your favorite new candle. 


Clean and masculine scent reminiscent of ocean air before a storm.


This woodsy scent is reminiscent of a walk through a wine vineyard. It is well balanced with earthy notes of oak and moss blended with a hint of grape and McIntosh apple.

grapefruit rosé:

Tart and juicy pink grapefruit and orange peel paired with the velvety sweetness of rose petal captivate the senses in this sensuous blend.


Refreshing blend of citrus fruits and bubbly champagne turn every day into Sunday brunch.

Mojito: Cool, fresh, and invigorating this is a true version of the classic cocktail with notes of freshly muddled mint, lime, and pineapple.

pinot noir:

Just like a great glass of red wine, this is floral and fruity. A perfect blend of honeysuckle kudzu, and musk balance the sweetness of apple and black current.


A delightfully fruity scent of sweet pomegranate, musk, fig, and greenery come together with a hint of citrus that will soon become one of your favorites.

three Sheets:

Fresh linens drying in the sun enhanced with the aroma of jasmine, violet, rose, cedar, sandalwood, and musk.


This floral scent is light and crisp. The delicate fragrance reminds us of a spring afternoon sipping a refreshing white zinfandel with notes of peony, rose, honeysuckle, and carolina jasmine. 

wine cellar:

An earthy blend of oak, sandlewood, and lavendar with top notes of leather and vanilla

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