I come from a very artistic family and have always searched for a creative outlet of my own. In 2015 I began making candles in re-purposed wine bottles as gifts for family. I was approached by a friend to sell the candles through an online shopping event on Facebook.  It was then that I realized how unique my candles were; and people were excited to buy them from me.


I started doing small festivals at my kid’s schools and local functions around town to get my name out there and build a customer base.  Now you can find us at beer & wine festivals; trade shows, on-line; and even in tasting rooms at local breweries. I had to enlist the help of my mom, sister, friends, and others to help with the many events we have year round.

My mother believed in the product I was creating and partnered with me the beginning of 2018.

What began in my kitchen has now fully expanded into a 2000 square foot production facility in my basement. We have hired a web designer to create a better website, we bought a trailer for festivals, and have partnered with a local brewery to create custom candles for them to sell in their tap room. We are excited about our expansion and our next big push will be to get our candles in retail shops across the U.S.



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